Stanford students may enroll every two months throughout any given year: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Current middle or high school students or high school graduates can apply to Stanford Academy. Follow the application procedures below :

Step 1: Complete the Student Application Form. The form can be obtained from the Stanford admission office or from our website.

Step 2: Submit the Application form to Stanford along with your $300 application fee and the required supporting documents:

Translated and notarized diploma/transcripts of junior/senior high school and/or another level of education completed;
A copy of the photo ID
Proof of English proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS (if applicable);

Step 3: Stanford will assess your completed grades and determine the number of credits available for transfer credits.

Step 4: You will receive a Pre-Admission letter which will include your program details and tuition fee statement.

Step 5: Pay the fees and you will receive a “Letter of Acceptance” from Stanford.

Step 6: For international students applying for a Study Permit/Visa, contact the Canadian Embassy.

Step 7: Book flights and inform Stanford of your flight information (airline, flight number and arrival time). Stanford will arrange for pick up at the airport if requested.

Refund Police
Tuition The tuition for each school year (depending on the number of courses a student requires) must be paid fully before the first semester begins. The students can start or continue their studies only after all the tuition, registration fee, and other administrative charges are paid fully.
Refund In the case in which the study permit application is file within an appropriate deadline and is refused by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the full amount tuition fee, student housing, and meals paid will be refunded. To obtain a refund, the student must provide: 1. Copy of the Letter of Rejection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2. Copy of the Stanford Academy Official Letter of Acceptance 3. Copy of the original receipt of tuition payment 4. A written refund request by the parent with signature including the name and address of the cheque recipient. In any other case, including but not limited to following circumstances, in which a student withdraws from the Academy, no refund shall apply: a. The student chooses to withdraw for reasons other than the Study Permit has been denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada b. The student is found in violation of school regulations and is asked to withdraw from the school c. The student provides false medical information or failed to disclosed conditions d. The student’s Visa has been approved for a renewal or an extension of a study permit based on enrolment at Stanford Academy e. The student’s application for a renewal or an extension of a study permit and/or temporary resident/visitor visa has been refused for any personal reasons, such as unsatisfactory academic performance, poor attendance, serious violation of the school’s rules and regulations, and/or the student’s study permit is revoked by the Canadian Immigration Authority, because of a violation or breach of the terms and conditions of the student’s authorization or temporary resident/visitor visa f. The student has been given any form of scholarship, bursary, award, preferential financial package, tuition fee discount, and/or any other form of special financial incentive to study at the school.